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A Favorite Hidden Gem, Schuylkill River Trail

We were recently asked to contribute to a national publication and answer the question, “If you had one Philadelphia Hidden Gem to recommend, what would it be? Now that’s is a tough question. An even tougher question when limited to a 3 or 4 sentence answer.  After thinking about the question for a few days and despite Philadelphia having hundreds of hidden gems, here was our answer:

Our favorite Philadelphia Hidden Gem is the Schuylkill Banks trail and greenway from Fairmount Dam to South Street Bridge. This three mile, multi-use section of the 120 mile Schuylkill River Trail, runs right through the heart of Center City. Before heading down the trail we recommend a stop at the Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center ( For an incredible view of the city skyline cross the river at Walnut Street Bridge and head to the “Park in the Sky,” Cira Green ( Finally, Schuylkill River Park (, is hidden over a connector bridge along the trail. The park includes Markward Playground, two dog parks, large lawns, a community garden, tennis courts, basketball courts and the O’Connor pool.

And for a tour of Cira Green that we did six years ago, here is a Link

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