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2015 Photographer in Residence Program

Goldstar2Patriot Harbor Lines is currently accepting proposals from Philadelphia based photographers for our “Photographer in Residence” program for the 2015 season. This is an exciting opportunity to partner with Patriot Harbor Lines in developing a model of engagement between a local business and art. Patriot Harbor Lines is dedicated to supporting local photographers to engage with our customers to promote photography by boat. The Patriot and our extensive programing offer the ideal platform to engage with new clients, conduct research, develop new techniques, innovate and share the art of photography. The goal of the program is to use the Patriot as a unique platform and our programs as unique opportunities to engage and enrich the community through the creative process during photography focused cruises, educational programs and engagement initiatives.

The residency provides the following key benefits and opportunities:

  • Unlimited access to all of our cruises and events during 2015 including the Schuylkill Shindig, TallShips Philadelphia, Cruises to Bartram’s Garden, Honey Fest, Schuylkill River Fest, and Shuylkill River based cruises.
  • Exclusive opportunities to offer photography services to our customers during private charters and special events.
  • A partnership in developing Patriot based educational photography cruises including potential architectural photography, night photography and digital photography focused cruises.

Culture1A key focus of the program is to engage the resident with our customers through audience and participatory involvement. The season will offer our resident a great opportunity to share a passion for photography and produce a portfolio of new work responding to the context of a season of working with Patriot Harbor Lines. At the end of the season we will jointly produce an exhibit of the work and the program to the Philadelphia community.

The resident is expected to help us develop photography focused educational cruises that will be tested during the season in a workshop format and promoted to a range of educational and community groups. Proposals are encouraged from practitioners possessing the desire, enthusiasm and a proven ability to impact technical skills and develop critical understanding of contemporary photography across a diverse range of participants with a diverse range of tools.

There are no set guidelines for proposals; however, we would expect at a minimum:

  • Examples of recent work (min 10/max 20 images)
  • Links to current websites, blogs and social media pages
  • Statement describing current practice
  • Statement of objectives for the residency
  • A current CV including details of past exhibitions/publications

We know that the photography community is filled with creative ideas and all ideas and proposals will be given consideration. We look forward to working with you!

Please forward all proposals to