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Cruise Party Planing 101!

If you are planning a party we have a variety of options. We offer both the Patriot and the Liberty for private parties. Our private charters are a minimum of 2 hours, but they can be extended. The Patriot is great for parties of up to 36 guests while the Liberty is perfect for up to 46. If you are planning a private event give us a call so we can discuss pricing.


If your check book or debit card are a little light for a full charter we can taylor an event where you host and organize the party, but each of your guests can purchase individual tickets. With this option, as the host you can also pay down the price of your guests tickets to ease their burden and to pay for a larger share of your party. A final party option is to organize a group on one of our public cruises. If you decide to go that route, we recommend giving us a call so that we can let you know the number of tickets available and provide you with a code to track your guests.