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Gift Card

Gift Card Details

Over the years we have explored several gift certificate solutions. We are excited to announce that with our new online digital gift card system we have developed the ultimate gift giving solution. To purchase a digital gift card, click on the above link. We have provided recommended per person P/P pricing for many of our cruises as a guide. Our digital gift cards are for a specific monitory amount and not for a specific cruise. The recipient of the digital gift card will have  total flexibility to choose the type of cruise on the date they want. We do recommend taking into consideration that the final check out price when they redeem the gift will include Philadelphia sales tax of 8%.

The digital gift card will include specific instructions for the recipient to redeem their gift. Our digital gift cards also offer you the opportunity to add a personalized message and send the card when you want to. To redeem the gift card the recipient only needs to go to and click “Apply a gift card” and enter the gift card number at checkout.