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Penn’s Landing to Schuylkill Banks

Quick Details

Child & Infants (12 & Under, 0-2 Years Old)

Experience the fun and excitement of Cruise Two in Philadelphia Rivers!

This unique trip contrasts Philadelphia’s lost waterfront on the Delaware River with the rebirth of the banks along the Schuylkill River. Sit back and enjoy Philadelphia’s surprisingly gorgeous rivers. During this one hour and 45 minute cruise, you join the Patriot crew for a journey covering over 300 years of Philadelphia’s history.

During the trip we explore the following:

  • William Penn’s original City of Brotherly Love.
  • The rapid expansion of the city during the colonial and Revolution eras along the Delaware waterfront.
  • The industrial age that resulted in the City of Philadelphia growing from 2 square miles into roughly 130 square miles.
  • The 20th century development of Center City.
  • The decline of Philadelphia from the 1950s through the 1980s with the Navy Yard as an example.
  • The City’s attempt to rejuvinate Society Hill.
  • The vertical growth of the city since 1987 when One Liberty Place replaced William Penn atop City Hall as the highest point in Philadelphia.
  • The rebirth of Philadelphia’s waterfronts along the Delaware River at the Navy Yard and up the Schuylkill Banks.
  • The future of Philadelphia’s waterfronts at Penn’s Landing, the Navy Yard, the Bartram Mile and the Schuylkill Banks.
  • This tour is very lightly narrated and should be considered a pleasant journey around Philadelphia rather than a fact specific tour. If you are specifically looking for a heavily narrated tour, we offer several other tours including the Walnut to Walnut that covers the same area.

Come aboard the Patriot and experience 300 years of American history along our great waterfront.